Squirrel hunting, mushroom hunting and woods roaming

 I have been completely remiss in updating my blog of late so thought I would do a small update. Trying something different and just going to post pictures with captions. Hope you enjoy it, and as always, comments are welcome. Chris

Me and Tammy enjoying an early-season squirrel hunt.

Successful morning. I shot these two out of the same tree within 15 minutes of sitting down, doesn't get any better than that!

Good hardwood ridge that has produced several squirrels. 

A whole stump full of lion's mane shrooms. I found these recently and they are a little past their prime, but guarantee I'll be back next summer/fall to check for fresh ones. 
I found this little hand-carved woodblock quite a ways off the trail. I thought it was pretty cool of someone to carve and leave it obviously took quite a bit of time. 
The backside of the carved piece of wood. I would like to know who TT is and let him know I found his sign. I left it where I found it.

One of the strangest finds on the trail! Never found a sword before, would love to know the story.
How I found the sword. Off the trail and hidden behind the tree.

I hope this guy figured it out!
Found a giant lion's mane, if only I could reach it. 

This is the Uwharrie trail in the winter. Love hunting and fishing in the Uwharries


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