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Ultralight Spin Fishing

I have talked a lot on this blog about my fly fishing addiction. I still love fly fishing but currently fighting a new addiction, not successfully I might add, ultralight fishing.  Spinning gear has always been part of my repertoire but never taken as seriously as fly fishing. That is all starting to change.

I stumbled across a few articles on the web about ultralight fishing, and a good friend of mine recently started dabbling with ultralight gear, which led me to cash in a few Cabelas bucks that I had been saving and buy an ultralight outfit. I ended up buying a 6'6" rod with a 1000 size Pflueger spinning reel and 5lb Powerpro braid. Manufacturers can build longer rods today with a faster action, due to advances in technology. No longer are ultralight rods limp noodles under 6' in length. Combine these longer, faster rods with modern super lines, and you have a very capable tool for small water finesse fishing.

I have been successful using a variety of baits, with jig sp…

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