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Trashing Our Public Lands

This post is somewhat of a change for me but it has been on my mind for some time. I usually write and post pictures of things that make me happy, this is something that makes me very unhappy. I truly do not understand people that take the time to go enjoy the out of doors and then trash it. I know this is a subject that comes up in almost any outdoor discussion but it is so prevalent in some areas and western North Carolina is the worst I have ever seen. As you can see from the pictures when people camp they just walk away and leave their garbage where it is. I actually could have taken much more disgusting photos of human waste, diapers and used femine products all laying where they fell but I'm sure my readers can conjure up a mental image. 

I almost never go to a popular camping area without spending a good amount of time cleaning up garbage that others have left. In western North Carolina, we are very lucky to have an abundance of free camping areas and huge tracts of public l…

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