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Backpacking Flat Tarp Sleep System Field Test

  As I promised in my last post, I Never Learn....Backpack Shelter and Sleep System Redux , I am home from a field test of my new shelter and sleep system. I did a 12 mile hike in Nantahala National Forest, I know I said I was going to Pisgah National Forest but changed plans at the last minute. My starting total pack weight was 22.5 pounds, this is total carried weight including fishing gear, food, fuel and my empty water bottle with Sawyer Squeeze filter. I typically don't carry water because where I hike there are so many water sources it isn't necessary. This particular trail has over 30 stream crossings, everything from small branches to main creek crossings, so water is never an issue.  The start of the trip was cool, 58 degrees, and overcast. The trail head is at almost 5300 ft, nothing by western standards but pretty high for the east coast. When I got out of the truck in shorts and a t-shirt I was a little worried about my clothing choices, but after a few minutes on s

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