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Backpacking, flyfishing and hammock camping

About a week ago my good friend and fishing buddy Kevin sent me a message about maybe hitting the creek in the next week or so. I am always ready to go so I checked the weather for the following week. The weather for our normal stomping grounds in Nantahala National Forest was not looking good, with above 50 percent chance of rain every day. Thinking that maybe just a little further east in Pisgah National Forest it might be better and it was, quite a bit better actually. There was still a chance of rain every day but not as high a percentage. I called Kevin and it was decided we would hike and fish a stream there that I had been on before but Kevin had not.

I met Kevin at the trailhead a little before 9AM on Monday, there were a lot more cars there than what I expected for a Monday morning. Nevertheless, we donned our packs and started up the trail. The initial climb going in is a brutal series of very steep switchbacks that kicked both of our butts, by the time we got to the top my …

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