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Solo Camping Trip

I was able to slip away this week and spend a couple of days on one of my favorite streams. I did not backpack due to a nagging injury that I am trying to let completely heal before I head to Montana next month, but hey, car camping is better than not camping at all!

I am always bothered by the amount of garbage left by others when I camp at a dispersed camping area. This trip was no different, I spent the first few minutes cleaning up the site. It is a shame that people trash our gorgeous public lands the way that they do.

I kept my gear simple on this trip. I used a poly tarp as a fly over the table and the tried and true Dutchware hammock and Warbonnet Superfly tarp.

I did have one catastrophic failure on this trip. My wading boot sole came loose. I can't complain too loud, I paid very little for these boots and they have more than a year of hard use. I will need to buy another pair before leaving for Montana and I do hate breaking in new boots.

Fishing was good on this trip, …

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