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Camping and Fishing Gear used on Montana Trip

In my last post, I talked about my recent fishing and camping trip to Montana. I have had so many people ask about the gear that I used I decided to write a separate post. 
 I took three rods to Montana, a nine-foot Sage VXP four weight,  eight-foot six-inch Redington Classic Trout three weight, and an eight-foot Fenwick HMG four weight.  The lion's share of work went to the  Fenwick, which is paired with a Lamson Waterworks Liquid reel and Cortland 444 Peach double taper three weight line.  The Fenwick has been my go-to combo for the streams that I fish here in North Carolina. In an earlier post, I talked about why I target smaller streams in Montana, you can read about that here. I never felt under-gunned with the four weight Fenwick even with the big boy in this picture.  This time of year in Montana is the terrestrial season, hoppers, beetles, and ants were the go-to flies. I used a lot of stimulators like the one in the picture, orange seemed to be the hot color. I tied these…

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