June Garden Update


Time for another garden update. Everything is growing well and we are about to start getting some vegetables, everything is blooming and putting on fruit. We are already getting some peppers, the tomatoes and zucchini are loaded with young fruit and blooms. Won't be long now til we can really start reaping the benefits. One thing y'all may notice from the pics is that I live in a subdivision, we don't own land except for a front and back lawn but if you have a little space with good sunlight you can grow some vegetables. As I always say, I would much rather grow food instead of grass. Now on with the pics. 

Tomatoes are getting big and really putting on fruit. 

Zucchinis are on the left and the cucumbers and melons are starting to grow up the trellis. 

Close up of Korean radish.

Same radishes from a bit further. 

Zucchini in full bloom. 

Cucumbers and melons.

JalapeƱos putting on some fruit. 

Potato vines getting big and blooming. I did dig into a hill and they are producing nicely. 

Hope you guys enjoy these updates and if you have any questions feel free to comment or message. Chris


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