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I am finally getting out and hitting the woods next week! A combination of the COVID-19 pandemic and bad weather has kept me locked down this spring more than usual. But the weather next week looks good and some of our restrictions have lifted so I am going to go chase some wild North Carolina trout.  I am going to one of my favorite trails and streams and one that I am very familiar with. It is about a 2 to 4-mile hike into a wild designated stream so not too strenuous, but this is the first time out so I need to get my legs back a little. I will be carrying the same old boring gear that I always carry but it is tried and true and what I have been using for years. So with all that said I will jump right in.

I thought the best way to do this was to just do a video. I know my videoing skills are seriously lacking and I need to get a decent camera but hopefully, you guys will get a little out of it.
A lot of the things in the video I have already done write-ups on. My cooking gear is here and hammock gear here. One thing that I have not done an article on, and need too, is flashlights. The light I am using on this trip is a Zebralight, which is one of my favorite lights of all time. I have had it for several years and am sorry but I do not remember the model. It is powered by 1 AA battery and its performance is amazing for the size, weight, and power source. Anyway, if you're interested in checking them out their web site can be found here

Here is the total weight, ready to go. Not the lightest by any means but with the fishing gear and wading boots pretty dang light in my opinion!
That pretty much sums it up. I will take more pics and videos on the trip and do a complete trip report when I get back. If anyone has any questions or comments fire away in the comments.
Thanks for reading, Chris


  1. Looks awesome! 25 pounds is a good weight. How many overnights?

    1. Thanks! I am staying at least 3 nights but carrying food for a 4th if the fishing is good.

    2. And I love the Classic Trout 3-wt. I used mine for a couple years before falling and breaking the tip. That thing is one of the smoothest medium-action rods I've ever used!

    3. Funny you mention this. I am home from this trip and my friend was fishing with a CT 4wt and snapped the tip off. We were going to stay an extra day until this happened.


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