Hiking and Fishing Montana 2019

I am home from my annual trip to Montana, and just like in past years, it was a fantastic time. I was lucky enough to be able to spend a full two weeks exploring and fishing.  My main goal for this trip was to find some new water to fish and to explore some of the more well-known trout streams in Montana.
We spent the first week of the trip traveling and camping in free campgrounds, fishing as we went. Joe and I were very surprised by the number of people on the streams and camping, especially for the middle of the week. Everywhere we went it was hard to find a pullout or a trailhead without multiple vehicles already there. One of the streams that we explored was the North Fork of the Blackfoot. No surprise that the trailhead was packed with outfitter trailers and out of state vehicles. I struck up a conversation with a gentleman that was getting geared up to go fishing and as we were talking his fishing companion walked up and we instantly recognized each other. I had met him the month before on a solo trip that I went on in western North Carolina. It truly is a small world. Although there were many more people than I expected, Montana is a large state and we found plenty of water to fish. I did manage to catch this gorgeous cutthroat on one of the streams we fished.

Chicken thighs over an open fire for supper!

I did very well with the brown trout on this trip. 

Joe and I have to get at least one selfie. 

After a few days of riding bumpy dirt roads and sleeping on the ground; we were more than ready to get back home, have a shower and sleep in a bed.
The rest of my time in Montana we stayed at Joe's apartment and fished our local haunts that were within day-trip driving distance. The fishing started to turn on for us, maybe as a result of our familiarity with these streams.
All in all, I had a great trip. Getting to spend time with Joe, meet and hang out with his friends and travel around the beautiful state of Montana makes the trip worthwhile, fishing is just the icing on the cake.


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