Car Camping with Tammy

I got home yesterday from a great fishing and camping trip. I and Tammy went car camping with all 3 dogs. We wanted to get out this week before the 4th of July tourist madhouse. The fishing, food, and company was fantastic but honestly waking up in the morning to temps in the 50s might have been the best part!

I and Tammy called this the Hairy Rock. Not sure what it was but it was cool looking.

Our view every morning from the front of the tent.

Love the colors on this rainbow, reminds me of cutthroat. 
Home sweet home. 

Lots and lots of fish were caught, a few were eaten, all and all a perfect trip. Ok speaking of eating fish. As you can see in the picture, Tammy fixed the fish and oh brother were they good. She seasoned them with coarse cracked black pepper, garlic salt, and a little old bay but the secret was she stuffed bacon in the body cavity and we slow roasted them over a birch fire. I may have had better fish in my life but honestly, if I have, I can't remember when! 

The rhododendron was in full bloom and gorgeous, Tammy got this great pic! 

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the creek. Chris


  1. Seems like this was a successful trip? I would love to go on a trip with my wife too, but she's always busy with work and we haven't been able to do it yet.

    1. Yes it was a very successful trip. If your wife is interested I think you should absolutely do your best to take the time and go. It is great to be out and away from TVs , computers, and phones.


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