Dang Groundhog

Well the groundhog saw his shadow so six more weeks of winter. This winter has dragged on long enough, I am ready to get out on the trails and creeks. I have my fly boxes full, I have tied enough leaders for the entire next year, all my lines are cleaned and inspected, I am honestly at the point of just watching the clock and waiting on the days to tick off.

 Of course you can also still fish, and I do, but the activity on the river really slows down. On warmer days you can usually get into some fish so those are the days I try to get out. Here is a little winter brown I coaxed into biting. Small nymphs, size 14 to 18, are generally more productive this time of the year. However, I actually had one day back in December that I was getting some action on dries.

Sorry, I know I have been neglecting the blog but plan on stepping it up once the weather turns and I start getting out more. If there is anything that you guys would like to see more of just hit me up in the comment section.

See you on the creek, Chris


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