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TV is dead, I mean it is completely, stick a fork in it, dead. I don't have cable, an outdoor antenna or satellite TV and don't miss it in the least. The reason me and my wife got rid of our TV subscriptions is that we never watched it. I do have internet, of course, and we do watch movies occasionally on Netflix, however increasingly more often we watch Youtube videos. Which brings me to the subject of this blog post, my favorite youtube channels.

Youtube is fantastic, you can watch insane drivel just like regular TV, you can learn how to change a water pump on a 78 dodge or virtually anything in between.  It is very rare that I can stump youtube if I search for a subject, chances are it is on there. In my opinion, the very best thing about Youtube is that it is you and me, anyone can make a video about almost anything and post it up, I am continually amazed at the talent of everyday people.

My number 1 favorite youtube channel is Tight Loops. The channel follows a husband and wife as they travel around in their mid 80s Volkswagen van, named Bullwinkle, and fly fish. First off, the videography is fantastic, truly professional, the editing is spot on and you can really relate to these guys. They seem like genuine, passionate young people that are doing their best to live their dreams. I know absolutely nothing about making videos if you want proof look at my channel, but I do know that these guys make fantastic videos. For sure check them out!

Number 2 is Sean Emery's channel Shugemery. The Shug Shugity Shug is an ex Ringling Bros clown that makes super entertaining videos mainly about hammock camping and backpacking. He is very good at explaining how to be comfortable in a hammock in the middle of the woods and does it in ways that will make you literally laugh out loud. If you don't know the first thing about hammocks and backpacking or if you are a complete expert, I guarantee you will learn something from Shug and if you don't, at least you will be entertained watching his shenanigans.

Number 3 is Dynamo Ultima. Like Tight Loops, this channel is about a young couple that built their tiny home in a sprinter van and travel around living in their van following their dreams. Their videos are well-edited and very entertaining, they are very genuine and easy to relate to. I love the fact they are not following the status quo and are making their way on their own terms.

Number 4 is Rez Kid Fly Fishing. The title of this channel is pretty self-explanatory. The videos on this channel are well done and very entertaining, much better than I can do until you have tried to film your own fishing videos it is impossible to understand how difficult it is.  One thing is for sure, this kid knows his chops and catches some very nice fish! He specializes in Euro-style nymphing and does a dang good job at it. His love of fishing and enthusiasm for fly fishing comes through loud and clear. Very entertaining and lots of great tips about euro nymphing.

And last but not least is Homemade Wonderlust. This channel follows Dixie, a girl from Alabama, as she thru-hikes the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). She basically starts out as a neophyte hiker/camper and tackles some really tough trails. It is fun to watch her transformation as a complete noob to a very accomplished thru-hiker. Like all of my favorite channels the creator on Homemade Wanderlust, Dixie, is very genuine, down to earth and highly entertaining. She recently completed the PCT and is preparing for the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) and I can't wait to follow along.

And that's it, my top 5 Youtube channels. I hope you check these channels out and enjoy them as much as I do.

See you on the Creek, Chris


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