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Martin Reels and Dead Rats

Growing up in a very small town in the rural Appalachians there wasn't a whole lot to do besides fish and hunt, and believe me I did, but you can't fish and hunt all the time.  The town I grew up in, Andrews North Carolina, there is one short main street and the main thing kids used to do was to ride up and down through town and hang out in various parking lots hoping to figure out something to do, me and my friends were no different. On warm summer nights we spent most of our time in the drugstore parking lot sitting on the tailgate of a truck watching everyone else riding up and down main street, I know it sounds boring but we thought it was great fun.

One of these evenings me and Frank were sitting on the tailgate of Frank's truck at Turner's Drug Store watching the traffic go by, one of us spotted a very large dead rat laying in the gutter. Of course we started trying to think of what kind of fun we could have with that dead rat. Our fly rods were behind the seat …

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