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"Wild" Trout

Trout blogs, forums, Facebook groups, pretty much the online trout world in general, is constantly talking about catching "wild" trout. Almost no one wants to admit that they are targeting stocked trout, affectionally known as pellet heads, finless wonders and dough bellies. I constantly see grip and grin pictures of John Q. Flyfisherman holding up a trout that are captioned, "Look at this wild brook, rainbow, brown I caught!" I hate to break it to these guys but the vast majority of the fish they are holding up are pretty obviously not wild fish. Now I understand that a lot of these photos and comments are honest mistakes, I also realize that a good portion are not. I'm sorry, if you are fishing a stream in the southeast that is stocked and you catch a fish over 10" then there is a very, 90% or better, chance that the fish you just caught is a stocked fish and this percentage goes up exponentially if the stream has a road beside it.

Why do fishermen not …

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