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Pack Shakedown

If your anything like me, when you go to the woods you really want to try to cover every base and make sure that you have everything you need and at the same time, want to carry as little weight as possible. My mind is always racing with the what-ifs and if I let myself, my pack just keeps getting heavier and heavier with all sorts of gear that never gets touched. After a little back packing experience and a whole lot of Army experience packing for field exercises and deployments, what I have discovered is most of the time you actually NEED a lot less than you think. That leads us to the title of this post, most all of us could use a good honest pack shakedown getting rid of excess weight that just plain is not needed. Now of course everyone is different and my load out might be completely different from yours and what I think is absolutely essential may not be for anyone else. But looking at others gear lists is a great way to get ideas about how to lighten your load and what others…

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