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Favorite Youtube Channels

TV is dead, I mean it is completely, stick a fork in it, dead. I don't have cable, an outdoor antenna or satellite TV and don't miss it in the least. The reason me and my wife got rid of our TV subscriptions is that we never watched it. I do have internet, of course, and we do watch movies occasionally on Netflix, however increasingly more often we watch Youtube videos. Which brings me to the subject of this blog post, my favorite youtube channels.

Youtube is fantastic, you can watch insane drivel just like regular TV, you can learn how to change a water pump on a 78 dodge or virtually anything in between.  It is very rare that I can stump youtube, if I search for a subject, chances are it is on there. In my opinion the very best thing about Youtube is that it is you and me, anyone can make a video about almost anything and post it up, I am continually amazed at the talent of everyday people.

My number 1 favorite youtube channel is Tight Loops. The channel follows a husband a…

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